January Wedding Plan Update

RSVP by 31 January 2020

RSVPs are due by the end of January. That is when we have to confirm numbers for food. A quick email, text, or Facebook message is fine – we do not need flowery wording, just a “yes we’re coming.”


Our ceremony will include some music and a song which those present can join in with. There will be printed copies of the lyrics available on the day. Closer to the day there will be another update with more information on the ceremony.


Every Sunday we go to the farmer’s market in Johnsonville, where our shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables starts with a coffee and a chat with Sam, who runs the coffee cart at the market. Sam has agreed to come and provide some espresso coffee and hot chocolate to go along with the cake and champagne that will be served after the ceremony. Once Sam runs out of ingredients he will be done for the day. After Sam leaves, instant coffee and tea will be available from the kitchen in the hall.

Costume Clarification

Dress for the private wedding ceremony on Saturday 29 February is entirely modern. We expect people to wear comfortable clothes to match the weather conditions on the day. For the public tournament on Sunday, medieval costume is optional. We are not expecting people to make or hire costume just for a one-off event.

Facebook Events

We have set up two Facebook events for the Wedding. One is for the private wedding ceremony on the Saturday. The other is for the public tournament on the Sunday. Everyone we have invited to the ceremony on Saturday will get an invite to both events if we have a Facebook connection with them. Our wider group of friends will also be invited to the Sunday event.

Food on Saturday

Our wedding cake is being baked for us by Kirsti Rawstron. It will have two flavours, one of raspberry and rosewater, and one of chocolate.

The dinner is being cooked by Beat Kitchen, using cherry wood collected from our property and dried for a couple of years. The format is a buffet, and there will be no formal seating arrangement.

The Canapes will include:

  • Tomato and feta tart (v)
  • Braised pork meatball slider
  • Beef ham on black crostini with watercress and smoked beetroot mayo
  • Thai corn fritters w cucumber sambal (v)

The main meal has:

  • Slow roasted lamb shoulder
  • Hot smoked salmon
  • Roasted kumara and shallot salad
  • Smoked beetroot and almond salad with yoghurt dressing
  • Marinated tomato and green bean salad with pickled red onion and pomegranate vinaigrette
  • House made focaccia and whipped butter.

The dessert is Brioche donuts with dipping sauces.


As well as the post-ceremony champagne/sparkling grape juice, there will be a limited amount of alcohol available with dinner. This includes some wine, and home brew beer, that are being kindly donated by friends. Non-alcoholic drinks (juice, cola, etc) will be available. In planning our wedding, we have made the decision to prioritize spending on mountains of food, rather than rivers of booze.

Food on Sunday

Alastair Ramsden will be preparing and serving a range of cold and hot finger food throughout the tournament. We are budgeting $10 per head for this, so an RSVP on the Facebook event will help us with our food budget planning.

Camping on site

We have permission to put tents up. The ground is hard, and grunty metal stakes are advised. There are showers and three toilets inside the hall (these are all brand new from recently completed renovations). If you would like to stay at the site in your own tent on Saturday night please let us know.


There is plenty of parking available on Ladbrooke Drive. There are also many parking sp[aces on the gravel drive down past the hall. Please do NOT park in front of the hall – this is where the hearse parks for a Tangi, and we have been asked to make sure no one parks there.