Catherine & Dillon’s Wedding

This is the website for information about the wedding of Ms Catherine Bryony McNamara and Dr Dillon Shiel Burke.

First date at the Steampunk Ball at Dransfield House (February 2016).

29 February 2020

This is the date of the wedding. It is the last Saturday of summer, so we are hopeful that the weather will be nice.

RSVP by 31 January 2020

If you are planning to come to the wedding, please email a short RSVP to Dillon at Children are welcome. Please include any dietary requirements that you have with your RSVP. Questions can also be sent to that address, or you can leave a comment here.

Ngā Hau e Whā o Paparārangi

The wedding will be held on the grounds of a local community hall at: 30 Ladbrooke Drive, Newlands, Wellington. This is close to where we live, and it is where we go to vote on polling days for elections. As well as the whare/hall, the site has a lot of flat open ground (a rarity in Wellington), with excellent views of the Wellington harbour. There is good parking on the road outside the venue. If coming by bus, the Number 52 bus route has a stop about five minutes walk from the site.

The whare.

Timetable of Events

We have the venue from 1pm Friday afternoon through to 4pm Sunday afternoon.

Friday 28th February

Friday will be devoted to setting things up. We have permission to put tents up. Only people helping to set things up need to be at the site on Friday.

Saturday 29th February

Please turn up by 2.30pm. Our master of ceremonies will be Richard Dagger.

The wedding ceremony will start at 3pm. Our celebrant is Miranda Zander.

Cake, coffee and bubbly by 4pm, with short speeches. Our wedding cake is being made by Kirsti Rawstron.

Around 5pm the happy couple and their families will be having professional photographs taken.

Dinner from 6pm. We are expecting dinner to be a BBQ-style buffet, cooked by Beat Kitchen. It will not be a formal seated dinner, more of a grab-and-go with paper plates. Some alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks will be supplied in the evening. The alcohol will mainly be home brew beer and cider. Please advise us in your RSVP of any dietary requirements.

There will be two groups of entertainment in the evening after dinner. Inside the hall there will be board games. Outside in the tents there will be bardic (music, singing, etc).

Rabbit with harp (Wikimedia Commons)

Sunday 1 March

On Sunday we are hosting a medieval-style Tournament of the Killer Rabbit from 10am through to 2pm. All our wedding guests are welcome to attend, and we are also inviting our wider circle of friends to come along to share the occasion. This event will take place in three parts:

  • first, a chivalric tournament fought with rattan weapons
  • second, a boffer tournament fought with padded weapons (children only)
  • third, a rapier tournament fought with steel weapons.

All tournaments will be fought in accordance with the rules of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The number of counted blows will be three!

Light snacks will be available in the morning, finger food like sausage rolls, made by Alistair Ramsden. Children will also get a chance to hit a pinata, which will contain candy. Because we are not sure how many people will be there on the Sunday, we recommend that you bring a picnic lunch with you.

From 2pm we will be packing down and cleaning up.

Immediately after the proposal on the war field at Pennsic (7 August 2018)

Dress Code

The dress code for the wedding day is smart casual. The groom is not wearing a tie, and the bride is not wearing high heels.

Medieval costume is not required for the Sunday (but if you want to wear it, please do).

It is Wellington in late summer, so it could be either very hot, very wet, or very windy. We recommend sunscreen, a hat, and you may want to bring a bottle of water.

The night and place that we met (1 January 2016).


Wedding speeches are to be no longer in length than Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (275 words).


There will be two professional photographers on site from Paul Michaels Photography. You are welcome to take your own photographs and post them to social media.

Live stream

We plan to live stream the vows across the internet for friends in distant lands.


There are two motels a short drive or a half hour walk away from the wedding site:


Our house is well set up, so we do not have a traditional wedding registry. Your presence is preferred to presents. What would be really appreciated is some help (see below).

What can we do to help?

We welcome volunteers to help with set up on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and for the pack down and clean up on Sunday afternoon.

If you have tents, yurts etc. that could be used for shade and shelter outside the whare, we have permission to put tents up for the weekend.

If you like making home brew, please get in touch with us, so we can make a contribution towards the costs of whatever drink you wish to bring along for the Saturday evening.

Bring a board game or a musical instrument for the Saturday evening, spare boffer weapons four the children on Sunday.

Dillon’s personal arms in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
The arms of Caitríona Ruadh inghean Bhriain
Catherine’s personal arms in the Society for Creative Anachronism.